To Port Dickson

We’d originally booked a bus to take us most of the way to Port Dickson but when, a couple of days ago, our cab driver Masri offered to drive us instead, we accepted his offer. At a much cheaper price than Grab would have charged. And easier for us too: door to door.

Venus looking down on Melaka just before sunrise

So we said farewell to Silverscape Tower B with its stinky lobby and its lifts that wouldn’t take us higher than our own floor, so no rooftop views for us.

Goodbye to the redcaps, the security personnel who act as concierge and who saluted us every time we went in or out.

But good riddence to the banks of switches on most of the walls in our apartment.

What a lot of switches for one small apartment

One of the arrays has switches for lights in the bedroom and for the bathroom suite, for the fan, for the aircon. And after four days, we still relied on trial and error.

On the 90-minute drive, Masri told us about places that we’d missed out on, but, as usual, we added them to a notional list for when we return.

We saw a turkey by the side of the road. Or, as they’re known here, a Dutch chicken. We passed by a Petronas processing plant and at least one army camp. For much of the way, we drove close to the coastline.

View of Malucca Straits from the taxi

There were many large cargo ships out in the straits and even cruise ships come into Melaka from time to time.

More Malay to confuse Mick: hora means day. Jam means hour.

We were dropped off at Avillion Admiral Cove and we thought, what a posh place. Well, it was the wrong place. We had to Grab a cab to take us to our real desination, Avillion Port Dickson. As Liesel said, even when you try to take out the adventure by changing plans, you just find yourself in a different one.

Yes, we’re in a hotel for this special weekend. Our room is above the sea, although the tide was out when we arrived.

First sightig of the beach (the tide was out)

We went for a walk around the hotel complex: oh alright, the resort. Liesel suggested we might not have to leave it at all.

Petting zoo, some tortoise on tortoise action

The petting zoo has rabbits, tortoises, doves, chickens, peacocks, peahens and of course, the birds at least can get out if they want to.

There’s a nice big pool for adults only where we spent a lot of time later in the day, swimming, reading and napping, swimming, reading and napping.

Piles of towels on tiles

At 0700 and 1800 daily, we can go and see butterflies at the Butterfly Patch. But at 1800 today, I was resting my eyes, by the pool.

We found out why the birds don’t fly too far away: there was a Chinese lady feeding them bread. The peacocks were choosing white bread over the tasty-looking grain that was also available.

I went for a quick walk on the beach and found a million little crabs. They all ran for their holes and so instead of counting crabs, I counted the holes. And there were exactly one million.

View of our room from the sea (the tide was still out)

The wooden decking that we walk on to reach our room is loose in places. Someone needs to come along with a bag of nails and secure the planks. But I hope they don’t do all that banging before we’ve left.

We’re on stilts

And of course the tide did come in later.

The sea, the sea (the tide was now high)

Let’s hope the white noise of the waves crashing on the stilts and the smell of the ozone gives us a good night’s sleep. Certianly the bed is comfotable enough – and big enough for about ten people. If they’re good friends.

In the evening, after watching a very quick sunset, we both had cocktails, gin fizzes before heading for our room.

Just a quick post today because tomorrow is a very special day.

I never would have predicted that Port Dickson, Malaysia, would be the location for my 26th birthday tomorrow. OK, I’ll admit it: it’s my 2⁢th birthday, that’s 64 in English. But I’m very glad to be here with Liesel.

Mick’s final sunset as a 63-year old, looking towards Sumatra

Author: mickandlieselsantics

We are a married couple, one American, one Brit, one male, one female, neither of us as fit as we would like to be, well over 100 years old altogether.

7 thoughts on “To Port Dickson”

  1. I’m enjoying your travels almost as much as you are πŸ˜‰ Happy 2^6th birthday! 64 years of age doesn’t hurt, as long as you don’t trip over a loose plank on the walkway!
    Have lots (more?) fun, you two!


  2. Just in case my previous comment wasn’t posted, here it is (again?).
    I’m enjoying your travels almost as much as you are.
    Happy 2^6th, Mick. Sixty-four doesn’t hurt unless you stub your toe on one of those loose planks!
    Have (more?) fun, you two.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow Mick! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’™. I saw Dawn yesterday for my post Oz and Singapore pedicure and we spoke of you and Liesel and your Antics. Dawn said she missed you both and might have to have a trip up to Manchester sometime. Love, Stella


    1. Thanks Stella, so far, so good, big breakfast and a wonderful pampery massage: Dawn has some competition here! When we get back, we’d love to see any familiar faces in Manchester. Love to you and Ian from us both xx


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