Mick and Liesel, that’s us. Married since 2006. A special relationship between a Brit and an American. Mick is responsible for most of the posts, but Liesel will join in sometimes. Typos are a fact of life, they appear as soon as we press the Post button. Please let us know if you see one, and we’ll fix it, thank you!

This blog will be a right old mess. The main thrusts will be our house move from the south to the north of England and our gap year travels. We’ll be taking a year out, this may be the last chance, Mick is retired and Liesel is between jobs.

But there’ll be plenty of other nonsense too, so please do follow or subscribe. I’d like to put a link here, and one day I’ll find out how. Meanwhile, if you scroll down this (or any other) page, a Follow box, like this… followwill appear in the bottom right-hand corner. Click on that, enter your email address, click on ‘Sign me up’ and that’s it!

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