Very exciting day, we had our first official visitors. Helen is here from Australia especially to see our new flat. Well, that, and to attend two weddings over the next few weeks. She visited us this afternoon with Jenny, Martha and William.

Martha was in top form, very chatty and curious about the things lying around. William was asleep and after he woke up and was fed, he was fun too. So close to crawling forwards but not quite, yet.

Helen arrived at Manchester Airport first thing in the morning and was met by the three of them. Martha and Helen chat to each other most days on the phone and I believe Martha still thinks Helen comes out of the phone when she’s here in person!

Helen, Martha, William, Jenny

The other visitor we had was the washing machine engineer. The spin cycle wasn’t working and in the end we had a new pump installed. Still, this inherited machine is in a far better state than the one we disposed of before we moved!

Yesterday, Liesel and I built the chest of drawers that we’d bought at Ikea. It’s always satisfying when it all works out and there are no bits left over! Now a lot of our clothes have been put away and our bedroom is beginning to look like a bedroom rather than a storage unit. The second bedroom really is a storage unit right now! Wall to wall boxes, crates, cases and bikes.

Yes, we will get the bikes out soon, but this morning we went into Manchester by bus as we had a couple of things to do there. In a first for both of us, we have rented a safe deposit box. This will contain all our really valuable items while we’re travelling.

Manchester is, obviously, very different to London. We’re no longer used to paying fares on buses but that’s the norm here. Also, the buses don’t display the name of the next bus stop, something we just take for granted in London.

We noticed the pavements in the city centre are really dirty. Yes, lots of chewing gum but the surface just looks really mucky. Maybe it’s because of the long, hot, dry spell we’re having.

Piccadilly Gardens, a small patch of green, was very busy, lots of workers having their lunch breaks there by the looks of it. The heatwave continues. It’s tempting to ask, does it ever rain in Manchester? What were we worried about?

Part one of our new bed was delivered this evening. The mattress. The base arrives on Thursday and then, at last, we’re hoping for a good, comfortable night’s sleep! We’ll have our internet connection on Thursday, too and then, ta-daaa, we’ll be able to book our travels! There is a lot to do indoors still, but we’ve only been here a week and we feel we’ve achieved a lot.

Author: mickandlieselsantics

We are a married couple, one American, one Brit, one male, one female, neither of us as fit as we would like to be, well over 100 years old altogether.

2 thoughts on “Visitors”

  1. Phew! I have just waded through about 95% of your fascinating blog, by way of repentance for not being in touch lately, for which I am sorry (the lack of communication, NOT the reading of the blog… but then again…
    Thanks for the card designed by Liesel – it is indeed a work of art.
    Reading about the move has upset me. You see, we’re planning a move – to Portugal! I knew it was going to be traumatic, getting the timing right, the financial transactions right, the packing, the finding a new place, possibly finding temporary storage and temporary accommodation… and now you’ve reminded me that all my fears are well founded
    Anyway, we’re glad for you that the worst is over and you can start to relax… but MANCHESTER? As an ex-pat Scouser, I really must protest! (No, it’s required by law in the “How to be a Good Scouser” hand-book. Personally, I just wish you all the very best, and congrats on getting it all done and dusted – now it’s our turn!
    The up-side, once we’re done and dusted is that you’ll have a place to come to for a holiday in the sun, if you’re not fed up travelling by then.
    Lots of luck in your new home. We’ll be following your travel adventures.
    D & G


    1. Thanks. I have an email in Draft for you but we moved all of a sudden, no internet for the PC, so it’s been languishing. Glad you caught up on the blog though, the email was just editted highlights. Very editted! Good luck with your move. It will be worth it. Just assume everyone and every business and every organisation you deal with is out to waste your time and to create rather than solve problems. Manchester, yes. I think our fate was sealed when Jenny signed up for its University many moons ago. Thanks, I don’t think we’ll tire of travelling but real life and work will the over again at some point. And of course, you’re welcome to visit us here in the M-place, if we’re around, and if you can take it! All the best from me and her


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