Carry on Cleaning

That would be a fantastic addition to the Carry On film franchise. Liesel was dancing around the bedroom this morning, dusting and tidying, trying to shut wardrobe doors that hadn’t been closed properly for years.

I thought, the least I could do was to get up and watch.

We went out for breakfast. Yes, the dishwasher was declared d, e, d, dead. So, to save on washing up, we went out for a nice walk and a huge breakfast at a greasy spoon called Jenny’s. Nothing to do with our very own Jenny, of course.

What else has gone wrong? Last night, plans for risotto were delayed slightly because the rice cooker didn’t work. It used to beep a greeting when plugged in, but last night, it was silent. I changed the fuse in the plug, just in case, but no.

At this rate, we’ll be taking very little with us when we move house.

Then this morning, I thought I heard the sound of Breaking Glass from the kitchen. Oh no, I thought to myself, here we go again. Luckily the vase that Liesel dropped didn’t actually smash.

So now, the rice cooker, along with a few other items, such as crates and a box of 500 plastic forks are being offered on Facebook and Freegle.

Yes, you read that right: 500 plastic forks. Well, alright, there might be a couple missing. But why did we have 500 plastic forks in the first place? Did we have a very large garden party one Summer to which nobody turned up? Nope.

The idea was to bury them in the garden, tines pointing upwards, our very own cat deterrent. We never pursued that project.

But this is how we acquire too much stuff: great ideas that turn out not to be so practical.

And now I’m on the computer selling or giving stuff away while Liesel is cleaning. I tell myself I am helping by keeping out of the way…



Author: mickandlieselsantics

We are a married couple, one American, one Brit, one male, one female, neither of us as fit as we would like to be, well over 100 years old altogether.

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